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Welcome to our service guide

Tax, Accounting, Auditing and the other services we provide can be complicated
to explain on a website. It is hard enough explaining what a Qualified
Accountant can do and how we help people. For example, did you know you do not need
to be a qualified accountant to run an accountancy business and call yourself an Accountant? All
the Directors’ at Sage and Company are fully qualified Chartered Accountants. All are licenced and
regulated to engage in public practice, two also hold certificates to audit companies and we are fully
regulated by the ICAEW.

We struggle to put into words what we do because often we deal with very complex, technical issues
and present working solutions to clients who are unaware of the technical issues we have addressed
on their behalf.

For each service we offer we have tried to explain a little about what we do and then provided a
case study to show some real life examples of what we do for our clients on a daily basis. We have
sometimes changed the story a little to protect identities, but the facts remain true to life.

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