Jan 28

Sage & Co brief Brexit commentary

Brexit is a significant uncertainty for small and medium-sized businesses.

Advice and Planning

There is lots of advice available on planning for businesses.
We have found the following useful:Welsh Government have a Brexit portal that includes a tool to assess a businesses’ position:
Welsh Government Brexit Portal

National Government has provided a series of technical notices that are very specific:
H.M. Gov. Brexit Help sheetsHMRC have provided a pack of documents to help guide businesses:

HMRC Partnership Pack
The challenges of Brexit could well strain a business’s finance. If this is likely because there is a need to increase stock levels as a planning tool for example or if there is just a concern, it may be sensible to strengthen liquidity sooner rather than later, banks will often understand and be helpful as may other funders. There is also other funding available:Welsh Government have also launched a Brexit resilience fund:
Welsh Brexit Resilience Fund


our Approach

We have been helping clients approach the uncertainties that Brexit may pose to their businesses and looked at certain contingency planning where appropriate. Where there is a perceived immediate exposure this might include considering the following:
Increasing Stock levels, strengthening liquidity, checking approvals & HMRC accreditation amongst other things.If you think we may be able to assist you in any way, please get in touch.



If you would like more information about this topic or what Sage & Co has to offer you contact us via email or phone 01745 586360.

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My firm and family can only but support and endorse your endeavours. Thank you for your ever willing help, from all colleagues at every level of Sage and Company, to reduce any concerns that I may have had to enable my life to be as ‘stress free’ from as many ‘financial worries’ as painlessly as it is possible to be, and with such a pleasant attitude and disposition.


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