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Does preparing payroll stress you out? We’re here to help.

Does preparing payroll stress you out? Are you always struggling to meet deadlines? Are you fearful of missing a submission or a pension upload?

We know you have enough to deal with in the day to day running of your business… have you thought of letting someone else deal with the payroll stress?  At Sage & Company, we pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of payroll for our clients. From our offices in St Asaph we deliver a flexible and personalised service to cater to your needs.

Over 250 payroll clients rely upon us to; 1. Accurately process payroll weekly, 4-weekly, monthly or annually 2. Calculate payroll deductions including PAYE, National Insurances, pension, student loans and attachment of earnings orders 3. Issue payslips (by post or email) 4. Use clients online banking to upload wages and pay payroll taxes directly to HMRC 5. Complete statutory returns to; and liaising with HMRC 6. Issue all statutory employee forms including P45’s and P60’s 7. Manage all aspects of Auto Enrolment Pensions all with a smile on our face!

As with all good accountants and payroll bureaus these services should be a standard, at Sage & Company, we believe anyone can do the numbers but it’s how you use them that counts. Some ways in which we support our payroll clients include;

  • detailed analysis of departmental wage costs
  • help to plan salary structures or increments
  • advise on seasonal and temporary workers
  • provide guidance and planning for changes in payroll legislation
  • and plenty more besides!

Our aim is to take the pressure and compliance burden away from our clients, to give them the confidence that payroll is taken care of and more importantly to give them time to run their business! If you think outsourcing your payroll management is something that would benefit you please get in touch with us for a free introductory meeting.

Contact Vicki Bartlett – Payroll Manager

01745 586360 or


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My firm and family can only but support and endorse your endeavours. Thank you for your ever willing help, from all colleagues at every level of Sage and Company, to reduce any concerns that I may have had to enable my life to be as ‘stress free’ from as many ‘financial worries’ as painlessly as it is possible to be, and with such a pleasant attitude and disposition.


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