Jan 29

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and First-Time Buyer Relief

The Scottish government announced that they will introduce a new Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) relief for first-time buyers of properties up to £175,000. The relief will raise the zero tax threshold for first-time buyers from £145,000 to £175,000, and according to the Scottish government 80% of first-time buyers in Scotland will pay no […]


Jan 25

Welsh Land Transaction Tax

The Welsh Parliament have announced changes to proposed rates and bands for Welsh Land Transaction Tax which is to be introduced in Wales from 1 April 2017. The rates and bands will be confirmed in January 2018 but details of the proposed rates and bands are included in the following statement. Internet links: GOV.WALES land-transaction-tax GOV.WALES […]


Nov 20

Welsh Land Transaction Tax

The Welsh Assembly has announced the proposed rates and bands for Welsh land transaction tax (LTT) which is to be introduced for land and property in Wales on 1 April 2018, replacing Stamp Duty Land Tax. Under the new rates for LTT, Wales will have the highest starting threshold for the property tax in the […]


Jul 27

Employment Related Securities return deadline

HMRC are advising that there have been technical issues with their Employment Related Securities (ERS) annual returns online service. Employers have to complete returns for any schemes that have been registered on the ERS online service, such as Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI), a non-tax advantaged scheme or award, Company Share Option Plan, Save As You […]


Jul 19

Land Transaction Tax

From April 2018, Land Transaction Tax (LTT) will replace Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) in Wales.  Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) already applies in Scotland. Like SDLT (and LBTT), LTT will generally be payable on the purchase or lease of a building or land. The new tax may, therefore, be relevant to house buyers and […]


Jun 02

Investment Bond launched

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has recently launched a government-backed Investment Bond. The main details of the Bond are as follows: minimum deposit of £100 balances on the account must be between £100 – £3000 applications can only be made online and up to April 2018 applicants must be aged 16+ years fixed interest rate of […]


May 29

VAT fuel scale charges

HMRC have issued details of the updated VAT fuel scale charges which apply from the beginning of the next prescribed VAT accounting period starting on or after 1 May 2017. VAT registered businesses use the fuel scale charges to account for VAT on private use of road fuel purchased by the business. Please do get […]


May 15

General Election and tax law | Business response to General Election

General Election and tax law With the announcement of a snap General Election on 8 June the time available for scrutinising proposed legislation was short so the Finance Act was rushed through Parliament. Many clauses have not made it to the final legislation due to time constraints. These include the provisions to enable Making Tax […]

VAT Flat Rate

Apr 19

VAT Flat Rate Scheme – Limited cost trader

Changes are being made to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) which take effect from 1 April 2017. These changes may mean that the FRS is less attractive to some businesses and this may result in these businesses deciding to no longer operate under the FRS. In some cases where a trader has voluntarily registered […]

Sage and Co Budget summary 2017

Mar 10

Budget Summary March 2017

Budget 2017 Summary from Sage & Co This budget 2017 summary covers the key tax changes announced in the Chancellor’s speech and includes tables of the main rates and allowances. At the back of the Summary you will find a calendar of the tax year with important deadline dates shown. We recommend that you review […]


Mar 01


COMPANIES – TAX SAVING OPPORTUNITIES Due to the ever changing tax legislation and commercial factors affecting your company, it is advisable to carry out an annual review of your company’s tax position. Pre-year end tax planning is important as the current year’s results can normally be predicted with some accuracy and time still exists to […]


Feb 22


WHO NEEDS FINANCE? Every business from its commencement and through its development and growth will need finance. But what type of finance is best suited to the development of your business, and who should you approach for funding? We provide guidance below on types of finance available and outline the planning required before approaching any […]


Feb 14

March for Business – Finance & Funding, Ruthin Castle 1st March

March for Business – Finance & Funding, Ruthin Castle 1st March Sage & Company are keen to help educate and support business owners, whether this is to grow the organisation, purchase a business/asset or perhaps understand what types of funding are available. As a firm of local Chartered Accountants we understand the needs of small […]


Aug 12

Understanding the Tax Changes for Landlords 2016

The Buy to Let market has taken a little bit of a hit lately with the changes to the way the tax is calculated. Not much has changed in many ways (or so it seems) but the way the sum is calculated has – and the results are having a big impact on Buy to […]


Jul 20

Everything you need to know about Buy to Let Investments

In recent years, the stock market has had its ups and downs. Add to this the serious loss of public confidence in pension funds as a means of saving for the future and it is not surprising that investors have looked elsewhere. The UK property market, whilst cyclical, has proved over the long-term to be a […]


Top 5 Accounting Tips for Landlords

The tax rules for Buy to Let Investments are changing but many still see property as an attractive investment at a time of low interest rates and high demand. If you are considering investing in buy-to-let – or improving returns on a property you already own – here’s our Top 5 Tips for Landlords on how to save […]


Jul 19

Allowable Landlord expenses to offset against Tax

The rules for calculating tax for landlords is changing and the implications are huge. Previously, if you were a landlord who was letting a furnished property then you could also claim 10% of the net rent as what was known as a ‘wear and tear allowance’ even if no actual improvements have been made. However, in the 2015 summer […]

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