A service tailored for you.

We are fully regulated Chartered Accountants; ethical and professional in all that we do.

All our clients are individuals and we provide them with a bespoke tailor made service. This sometimes means us providing training to ensure more compliance work is done by you or all of it is done by us. If you speak to us we can identify what your needs are and ascertain the best, most cost effective way to meet these.

We are experts at looking after and helping small and medium sized family businesses. We will always act in your best interests, even if it means telling you the things you may not want to hear. Our service is fully confidential, we will never disclose information to a third party without your consent.

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My firm and family can only but support and endorse your endeavours. Thank you for your ever willing help, from all colleagues at every level of Sage and Company, to reduce any concerns that I may have had to enable my life to be as ‘stress free’ from as many ‘financial worries’ as painlessly as it is possible to be, and with such a pleasant attitude and disposition.



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